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Limitations of Cross-Origin Authentication

Because cross-origin authentication is achieved using third-party cookies, disabling third-party cookies will make cross-origin authentication fail.

There are two approaches you can follow to remediate the issue:

in some browsers

These issues are another reason why the more practical solution is to use Universal Login .

Configure Your Application for Cross-Origin Authentication

Configuring your application for cross-origin authentication is a process that requires a few steps:

Allowed Web Origins cannot

Create a Cross-Origin Verification Page

There are some cases when third party cookies will not be available. Certain browser versions do not support third party cookies and, if they do, there will be times that they will be disabled in a user's settings. You can use auth0.js in your application on a dedicated page to properly handle cases when third-party cookies are disabled. This page must be served over SSL .

auth0.js This page must be served over SSL

Using crossOriginVerification as a fallback will only work if the browser is on the support matrix as Yes under "Third-Party Cookies Disabled". For some browsers, such as Chrome , Opera , and Safari , when third party cookies are disabled, cross-origin authentication will not work at all unless you enable Custom Domains .

Chrome Safari

Safari's configuration is labeled as "Prevent cross-site tracking" and uses Intelligent Tracking Prevention to prevent 3rd party cookies from being useful in authentication scenarios.

Provide a page in your application which instantiates WebAuth from auth0.js . Call crossOriginVerification immediately. The name of the page is at your discretion.

Did it help? /

When third party cookies are not available, auth0.js will render an iframe which will be used to call a different cross-origin verification flow.

Add the URL of this callback page to the Cross-Origin Verification Fallback field in your Application's settings in the Dashboard , under the Advanced > OAuth panel.

Cross-Origin Verification Fallback Advanced > OAuth

For production environments, verify that the Location URL for the page does not point to localhost.

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for more detail.

Error Codes and Descriptions

When Auth0.js v9 (and Lock v11) is used for embedded login, it employs the /co/authenticate endpoint, which has the following errors.

“I am that I am”


Flask-Principal provides a very loose framework to tie in providers of two types of service, often located in different parts of a web application:

For example, an authentication provider may be oauth, using Flask-OAuth and the user information may be stored in a relational database. Looseness of the framework is provided by using signals as the interface.

The major components are the Identity, Needs, Permission, and the IdentityContext.

The Identity represents the user, and is stored/loaded from various locations (eg session) for each request. The Identity is the user’s avatar to the system. It contains the access rights that the user has.

A Need is the smallest grain of access control, and represents a specific parameter for the situation. For example “has the admin role”, “can edit blog posts”.

Needs are any tuple, or probably could be object you like, but a tuple fits perfectly. The predesigned Need types (for saving your typing) are either pairs of (method, value) where method is used to specify common things such as , , etc. And the value is the value. An example of such is . Which would be a Need for a admin role. Or Triples for use-cases such as “The permission to edit a particular instance of an object or row”, which might be represented as the triple , where 46 is the key/ID for that row/object.

Essentially, how and what Needs are is very much down to the user, and is designed loosely so that any effect can be achieved by using custom instances as Needs.

Whilst a Need is a permission to access a resource, an Identity should provide a set of Needs that it has access to.

A Permission is a set of requirements, any of which should be present for access to a resource.

An IdentityContext is the context of a certain identity against a certain Permission. It can be used as a context manager, or a decorator.

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For users of Flask-Principal (not authentication providers), access restriction is easy to define as both a decorator and a context manager. A simple quickstart example is presented with commenting:

Authentication providers should use the identity-changed signal to indicate that a request has been authenticated. For example, the following code is a hypothetical example of how one might combine the popular Outlet Classic Trixie Off The Shoulder Long Sleeve Dress in Navy Becamp;bridge Cheap Sale Great Deals Outlet Pictures tCOlg
extension with Flask-Principal:

User information providers should connect to the identity-loaded signal to add any additional information to the Identity instance such as roles. The following is another hypothetical example using Flask-Login and could be combined with the previous example. It shows how one might use a role based permission scheme:

Now lets say, for example, you only want the author of a blog post to be able to edit said article. This can be achieved by creating the necessary Need and Permission objects, and adding more logic into the identity_loaded signal handler. For example:


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